Sunday, April 13

Summer: Blemish Back Be Gone

Hello world of Blogger! It's been a very long time since I've blogged so I'm back today sharing you with my number 1 product to getting that bikini ready back! Music Festivals are coming up or is here, summer is on it's way so we need to ramp up on our skincare but with a bit of focus on the back.

Although I have dry skin on my face, I have blemishes on my back. Acne, a bit of scarring from previous acne marks and what not. Dear land of Blogger, I have discovered a product to cure this. This will bring you not only smoother skin, but it also removes scarring and cures acne. Yes, this product is magical and I honestly stumbled upon this just by luck.

Let's give a moment of silence to this product. The Bioderma Exfoliating Purifying Gel , priced at $24 on This product was originally meant for the skin but due to my dry skin complexion, I must as well try it on my back and it was magical.

Although the product is labeled as a "gel", I find it much more watery, I would say resembles a light scrub more than a gel.

How I use this: I first wash my body and then put a bit of this product on my hands and I massage this product on my back in a circular motion for about a minute or two and then rinse. Easy and done!

How long it lasts:  I have only started using this product for around 1 week and based on my usage, a tube of this will last you approximately 2-3 months which is perfect for getting that bikini ready back for the summer :)

Results: I've been using this for a week, every other day and it has visibly reduced acne and also visible scarring. I'm most definitely looking forward to seeing the results after a month of usage.

Bioderma Exfoliating Purifying Gel 100ml $24 on 

 Let me know what your tips are on maintaining a nice, healthy and bikini-ready back!

Thursday, March 6

Traveling to the Northwest Territories & Northern Lights

It's been a while since I've blog and this will be a travel post from me. For those of you who follow me on Instagram , will know I traveled up north to Yellowknife in Northwest Territories. The main reason for going on this trip was to see the Northern Lights and it was stunning. To date this is the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery I have seen ever.

This post is high resolution image heavy, mobile viewing is not recommended unless connected to wi-fi. 

Long Lake in Yellowknife 
 Yellowknife is the coldest city, I've ever visited where it drops to -48 degrees Celsius at night. This didn't stop me from heading outside onto the frozen lake to capture the most beautiful natural light, I have ever scene.

This is a once in a lifetime experience and I would strongly recommend viewing the lights at your nearest destination and for me that was a 4 hour flight away.  To take these photos, it involved bracing the -48 degrees for 1-1.5 hours. This is definitely not for the faint of heart and if you love photography and seeing natural beauty then I would highly recommend it. It has been the vacation for me so far.

Northern Lights in Yellowknife

Northern Lights in Yellowknife

Northern Lights in Yellowknife

The winner for my last giveaway will be announced once I confirm a winner. Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, February 11

Giveaway: Keeping you warm through the winter

I'm definitely back into blogging, I'll try to do a weekly blog post from now on!

In January, I've been working on a small project of mine called Yours Wooly, which features The Savanna, a scarf that I'm hand-knitting on my own time after work.  I've always enjoyed knitting and recently I've decided to turn this into a small venture.

I am very thankful for all the positive feedback that I've received in the past week and reaching my 10th order this week. This is a very quiet launch and would like to share this project with you all! For those who have followed me since day one of starting this blog, thank you!

The Savanna is a hand knit scarf locally made by yours truly. Since this is all 100% made by me in my apartment, you can define the color and also the message on the tag! In appreciate to all my followers on Oui Hui, I'll be giving away a local hand knit Savanna Scarf.

Yours Wooly - The Savanna in dark grey 

Yours Wooly - The Savanna

This will be the first giveaway that I'll be hosting. Open to Canada and US only ( Sorry for the inconvenience).

You can enter once everyday for more chances to win. Giveaway is open until February 28th and the winner will be drawn on March 6th. If the winner cannot be contacted within 3 days, I will draw another winner.

1 x Made to Order Savanna Scarf from Yours Wooly. The winner will be contact via email and I will be personally emailing the winner to select their color of choice, personalized message and for their contact info. For more info about Yours Wooly, please click here. If you like you can also follow Yours Wooly on instagram.

Please leave a comment below with your blog link and IG account if you've entered the giveaway! I will be verifying winners :).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you and good luck to everyone!
If you have any comments on how to improve the scarf or if you have any tips on starting your own crafty project, please let me know!

Sunday, February 2

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Him

It's almost that time of the year again. Even though us girls get it lucky since usually we are on the receiving end of this tradition, sometimes we need to put a little bit of thought and effort into a gift for our other half as well.  Valentines day is more of a day where you get something that the both of you will enjoy rather than Christmas where it's usually clothing, games, or gadgets for the men out there. I personally find a lot of guys out there enjoy handmade gifts over purchased ones because they're more personalized and can't be purchased else where :).

Here are my 5 Valentines Day gift ideas for him.
  1. Valentines day breakfast, now serving Belgium Waffles with  homemade blueberry sauce 
    I'm not a cook and I can make this, so it's worth giving a try. I find that they key to the blueberry sauce is the orange juice. It gives it a sweet tangy finish to the sauce so definitely do not replace or skip the OJ!
    Recipe for waffles: here
    Recipe for blueberry sauce: here

    As always, top if off with a bit of sifted icing sugar and snap a birds eye view.

  2. Sharing your favorite sport
    Nothing is better than sharing memories together! If you are both into a sport, plan a surprise sporting event with him. Since it's winter here in Canada, snowboarding, or skiing might be an option to explore and if it's not into this, snow tubing is just as fun and requires no experience! Who says Valentines Day has to be romantic. Sharing a memory is much better than sitting at a candlelit dinner, though it's not a bad idea for the gents out there.
  3. Homemade Kits
    Ladies, guys love homemade anything because it's thoughtful and personalized.  I haven't explored this idea myself but I think homemade kits are a home run for most guys. Think of what he loves most and then put together a homemade kit. If he loves pizza, buy the dough and the toppings package it nicely and you can have a pizza making night in. If he's into video games... well.. that's a tough one. Perhaps you can make a snack kit for when he's tired from gaming.

    If you have a man who is into beer and drinks. Well then, getting a few local craft beers in town paired with his favorite snack is the bomb.  Not only is it practical but he'll definitely love it. 

  4. Source:
  5. Make a card or video
    Speaking from personal experience, this one is a winner. What I usually do is print out the couple photos or your funniest memories and then create a mini scrapbook. Michael's is usually my destination for all paper materials. Write a cute message for each photo and there you have it!

    If you are into video editing, or would like to get started, you can start filming vlogs with him and for special occasions, string them into a clip. I'm terrible with video editing so I use iMovie and it worked out pretty well for me!
  6. If none of the above works, just give him a kiss & that should do it :)

Let me know what your gift ideas are for Valentines Day in the comments below! 

Sunday, January 26

Getting even toned skin

Redness has always been a main concern of mine.  I've had redness around the cheeks area for probably 4-5 years now and it hasn't really gone away. I've thought of this as a dry skin concern so I've used various brands for skin moisturizer but still no luck.  I came across Lancome's DreamTone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector and after testing this serum for 3 months, I can say it has definitely improved my skin discoloration by around 70%. 

The Product
The product comes in three shades, fair skin, medium skin and dark skin.  I use the fair skin tone because it matches with my natural skin color quite well.  This is a serum so I typically apply this after I cleanse and tone my face. I then put around 0.5-1 pump of this serum onto my face and afterwards apply my regular moisturizer. 

The Results
I wait around 3 months to do this review because with all skin products, results are not instant even though the website says you'll see results in 4 weeks.  In 4 weeks, I definitely saw noticeable difference in my skin, color was starting to even out and my redness were not as apparent.

After 3 months of usage, the redness is lightly visible and complexion has improved significantly. I would say the product has corrected 70% of the redness which is definitely not bad! 

The Future?
With continuous use and daily application for 3 months, my skin has improved but my only concern is whether this actually corrected my skin in the long run or is it a temporary product to mask the redness.  Either way, this is a fantastic product that is worth the money if you are looking for a solution to skin correcting.  

Would I Repurchase?
Yes and I would be interested in trying the Visionnaire line as well though I don't exactly have aging skin yet. What are your thoughts on skin correcting products? Any that worked well for you? 

LancĂ´me Dream Tone Skin Tone Correcting Serum: Dark Spots Size: 40 ml 

Twist up pump

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