Monday, September 8

The one magazine you need: Darling Magazine

I've been missing in action these past few months and hopefully I'll be back. As much as I love make up and beauty, I'll be transitioning this blog to more of a lifestyle/inspiration/beauty blog.

For those who read my blogs, I hope you stick around and for those who are new, welcome to my space. I'm Grace, a full time marketing professional with a love for home decor, hiking, and traveling.

Lately, I've discovered a new women's magazine called, Darling, the art of being a woman. The magazine covers inspirational stories about aspirations, dream, the wanderer and health recipes. The material of this magazine resembles a book rather than your typical glossy print. All of the photos are professionally photographed by women and topics in the material are all relevant to women of all ages.

Rather than having me ramble on about the material, give this read a try and let me know what you think.

They're available online or at your local anthropologie store. Although the price tag is around $20, it's well worth it for a well published magazine.


Monday, June 30

On being skinny

This is a little bit about me and my personal life. I rarely write posts like this but I thought of sharing this to give a bit of insight to how being "skinny" for a girl really is like. You may also learn a few things about "skinny" people as well.

The world sees skinny as the "ideal image". To have a skinny body, skinny legs, tiny waist is what is considered pretty. For some women out there, they strive for this look which is fine but I'm not here to talk about slimming down to meet the "ideal image" of pretty because what is pretty to you is different for others. I'm here to share with you what being "skinny" is like... for my entire life. 

Growing up, I've always been skinny. It's not as glamorous as you might think. I get a lot of comments like:
  • Wow, you're so skinny!
  • You're just like Twiggy 
  • Do you eat?
  • Can you eat more?
  • You're going to get blown away
  • You're so skinny, eat more
Are those remarks compliments?  Let's look at the flip side.
  • Wow, you're so fat!
  • You're just like a pig
  • You eat a lot?
  • Can you eat less?
  • You're gaining a few pounds no?
  • You're so fat, eat less
When we turn things around to the other extreme, it's seen as being rude and mean. Skinny and fat is just the same. Skinny is no better than being fat, we are in fact the same. We each have our struggles in life to stay healthy. 

Being slim has it's concerns:
  • Health Issues: Being a slim girl, we have our health issues. We are often diagnosed with low iron in our blood stream and this leads to fainting. It's not pretty collapsing in school.
  • Gaining weight to be healthy is our struggle. To gain weight, we actually can't just eat more. We need a lot of exercise and a good diet. The more we exercise, the more nutrients we absorb and thus, the more weight we can gain. It's nothing worth being proud of when you weigh less than the average 17 year old. For me to gain weight, I run around 6-8 km on average a week, paired with swimming, yoga and weight lifting. The world is balanced, it takes effort for those to lose weight, and it also takes effort to gain weight and guess what, we all have the same goal: to be healthy. 
Before we comment on other's physique, let's just drop that thought entirely and focus on what we can do to make ourselves live a healthier and active life. 

Stay Healthy :)


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Sunday, June 22

Summer Drink: Jugo Juice Mighty Kale Recipe

Happy Summer to everyone! Here in Vancouver, it's feeling a lot like summer and my mood is definitely up there with my dear Mr.Sunshine! Since it's summer, it's time we start working on that healthy body of ours to prep ourselves for the amazing summer to come!

For those in North America, you might have tried Jugo Juice and for the past year, their "Mighty Kale" juice has blown up all over the place and I am here to provide the recipes for this healthy drink! My rendition of this drink is not a 100% dupe but it's at least 90% there and tastes just as good.

So let's get going!

Mighty Kale Recipe

I didn't have any kale at home so I used spinach as a substitute. I would recommend getting baby kale and/or spinach from your local grocery store. The pre-washed ones are better only because you can skip the step of washing your greens.


  • 1 handful of baby spinach and or baby kale 
  • 1/2 cup of Mixed Fruit (I recommend going to Costco to purchase a large bag and pick the blend with peaches, mangoes or pineapples) 
  •  1/2 cup of orange juice 
  • 1/4 cup of apple juice 
  • Water if it's too thick 

  1. Put your frozen fruits in first, then greens, followed by your juices.
  2. Use the crush ice mode on your blender to break down the frozen fruits then gradually move into the chop, puree then liquefy mode. 
  3. If you feel it looks too thick, simply add more juice or water to your smoothie. 
  4. Pour it into your favorite cup and away you go! 

I just saved you $7.00 for a smoothie! 

Grace's homemade Mighty "Spinach" 

Did you know? Frozen fruits contain just as much nutrients as fresh fruits, in fact frozen fruits may contain even more nutrients than your fresh fruits because they are picked and frozen right when it's fully riped! Even though fresh fruits are "fresh", they've most likely traveled in trucks or cargoes for at least a month before they reach your local grocery store! So how "fresh" are these fruits? If you have a local farmers market nearby, those are guaranteed a better option than to frozen fruits! For smoothies, I prefer frozen fruits because they act as ice as well to give you that slushy, smoothie texture.

Sunday Pooh Socks
Wendy's lookbook hair

until next time! 

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